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Andrew Bogut Ankle Injury Update

July 25, 2012

bogut ankle fractureBack in January, Andrew Bogut fractured his ankle during a game against the Houston Rockets.

After the injury Bogut had surgery to repair the ankle in April. A tweet from Bogut’s twitter account this week confirmed that his recovery training is complete, but that the ankle is still sore and swollen.

From Bogut’s twitter account: “Training is over. Good news on ankle: swelling is getting close to being all gone. Bad news: the less swelling, the more achy it gets! #toughenup.”

Training camp starts in two months. Hopefully Bogut will be back in full force by then.

Dr. Silverman Comments

Bogut’s ankle tweet is a little surprising.  His fracture was 6 months ago. I am bothered that it has stayed swollen for this long.

Most of the time, non-displaced ankle fractures heal and begin rehabilitation within 6-10 weeks after injury. The pain and swelling usually resolves quickly and by 6 months athletes are routinely back to full steam.

With more complicated fractures, I use 6 months as a predictive time of how bad the life-time arthritis from the injury will be. By one year any symptoms that remain that do not have a reconstructive option are usually permanent.

Something else is going on.



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