Dr. Silverman Breaks Down Kevin Durant’s Ailing Foot


Pressed in between thrilling March Madness games was the news the Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant would be shut down for the remainder of the year due to a setback with his injured right foot. Durant, who led the NBA in scoring each of the past five seasons, is expected to undergo a bone graft on his injured right foot, which will knock his rehab schedule back four … [Read more...]

Which Minnesota Counties Are the Healthiest?

Photo courtesy http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/app/minnesota/2015/overview

New data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found out which Minnesota counties are the healthiest, and which ones need some work. To compile their report, researchers gave out health grades based on life expectancy and how healthy people in each counties feel while the're alive. According to the data, southern Minnesota counties are much healthier than counties in … [Read more...]

Cold Feet Could Mean Better Sleep

Feet Sleep

Cold feet might not be the greatest thing at the wedding alter, but they could help you get better sleep at night. According to researchers at Victoria University, sleeping with your feet outside the blanket could help you get a better night's sleep because it helps regulate your body's temperature. See, when you reach your deepest point of sleep, your body temperature is … [Read more...]

Giving New Meaning To Thinking On Your Feet

Standing Desks

Some Canadian schools are giving new meaning to the term "thinking on your feet" by providing students with standing desks. We've discussed the health benefits of standing desks on the blog before, and while they're typically more popular in the workplace, more schools are considering the idea of adding standing desks to their classrooms. Toronto teacher Alana Guinane, who … [Read more...]

Chris Borland Retires Over Concussion Concerns

Chris Borland

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland has decided to walk away from a promising NFL career at the age of 24 over concerns of the long-term effects of repetitive head trauma. Borland notified the 49ers of his decision late last week, and the news made waves throughout the NFL community because of Borland's age and ability. Borland was a rookie last season, and he … [Read more...]

Warriors Lose Klay Thompson To Ankle Sprain

Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors will be without shooting guard Klay Thompson for 7-to-10 days after the All-Star suffered a sprained ankle in Monday's win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Thompson injured his ankle as he drove towards the basket in the third quarter. As he planted his right foot in an effort to jump towards the hoop, he stepped on the foot of Tarik Black. This caused … [Read more...]